ADL applauds Covington residents who say they “Simply threw away” racist leaflets distributed by KKK; Offers ADL Guide to help parents talk to children about prejudice

June 10, 2013, Atlanta, Ga…The Anti-Defamation League today applauded residents of Covington, Georgia, who said they “simply threw away” the hateful flyers distributed this weekend by a North Carolina contingent of the Ku Klux Klan known as the Loyal White Knights.

The flyers have a headline reading “Help save our Race,” and go on to warn that “Aryan heritage…American culture…Christian religion (and) White homelands are at risk.”

Interviewed by an Atlanta television reporter, one Covington resident said “We don’t want things like this.” Another said she just “threw the flyer away,” but she acknowledged that the leaflets have left some people “scared.”
Bill Nigut, Southeast regional Director of ADL called the messages on the flyer “paranoid rants that are typical of this group of haters.”

“We were gratified to learn that a number of Covington residents rejected the hateful messages on these flyers,” said Nigut “At the same time it worries us that young people in the community may have been exposed to these expressions of bigotry. We encourage adults in Covington to engage children in a discussion about prejudice.

Nigut said ADL has two useful resources for helping parents talk to their children about prejudice. They can be found here:

Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate
The Question Corner: Talking to Children about Prejudice