The Anti-Defamation League today condemned the remarks of Knox County, Tennessee sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones, who said this week he would “stack (undocumented immigrants) like cordwood in the Knox County jail” in his effort to enforce immigration law and to force the federal government to deport those he arrests.

“Sheriff Jones should be ashamed of using language that conjures up images of the Holocaust in talking about undocumented workers,” said Bill Nigut, Southeast Regional Director of ADL. The threat by Jones echoes a well-known quote by a U.S. solider describing the bodies of Holocaust victims he saw during the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp.

Nigut also condemned the sheriff’s use of such lurid, hateful language in describing suspects in his jail. “It is chilling to think that a law enforcement official would use such outrageous imagery to describe the treatment of human beings,” Nigut said. “Sheriff Jones’s comments suggest a deeply bigoted attitude about undocumented immigrants.”

“When Sheriff Jones utters such offensive, threatening words about immigrants, it can only serve to drive a wedge between law enforcement and members of the community they have sworn to serve and protect.  If immigrants start to fear the police, instead of trusting them for protection, it creates an underclass in society uniquely vulnerable to hate crimes and leaves all of us less safe,” Nigut added.