The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today commended Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company for the launch of their “It’s Beautiful” advertisement campaign.

Interim Regional Director Shelley Rose stated, “The ads represent the diverse ethnicities, religions, races and families that make our country so special.  We commend Coca-Cola for celebrating the diversity that makes this country great and reminding us what it really means to be proud to be American.”

ADL also thanked Coca-Cola for launching the ad campaign during the Super Bowl, a time that many see as the most quintessentially American event, and further praised the company for standing by the commercials despite criticism from a vocal minority.

Rose pointed out that criticism is coming from extremist groups such as the anti-immigrant group ProEnglish whose founder is the racist architect of the modern-day anti-immigrant movement and whose staff has ties to various white supremacist organizations.

Rose added that the ads present a positive, visible message in our popular culture that helps to advance the work ADL does with youth every day through their No Place for Hate® campaign and bullying prevention programs to promote respect, inclusiveness and civility.