The Anti-Defamation League today urged Uvalda police chief Lewis Smith to rethink his decision to participate in an anti-immigration protest being organized by the League of the South, an organization ADL says promotes implicitly racist messages and whose mission is to create a South predicated on “Anglo-Celtic” cultural dominance.

Smith posted his intention to participate in the protest – scheduled for Saturday, August 24 in Uvalda- on the League of the South Facebook page.

“If Chief Smith does participate in the protest he will be giving tacit approval to the white supremacists who are organizing the event,” said Bill Nigut, Southeast Regional Director of ADL. “Mr. Smith is guaranteed the Constitutional right of free speech,” Nigut said, “but as a law enforcement leader he has a responsibility to reject lending his name and office to a rally that will no doubt promulgate hatred and bigotry.”

According to an earlier League of the South Facebook page that has since been modified, the protest is being organized by Hunter Wal­lace (whose real name is Brad Grif­fin), a white suprema­cist who runs “Occi­den­tal Dis­sent” and Michael Cush­man, who runs “South­ern Nation­al­ist Net­work.” “Occi­den­tal Dis­sent” is a racist blog that focuses on the South and “South­ern Nation­al­ist Net­work” is a neo-Confederate blog that focuses on “South­ern identity.”

Oth­ers announc­ing they would attend the event include Matthew Heim­bach, a white suprema­cist leader with the Tra­di­tion­al­ist Youth Net­work, and Kyle Rogers, a key player in the white suprema­cist Coun­cil of Con­ser­v­a­tive Cit­i­zens. Michael Hill, the pres­i­dent of the League of the South, will also attend the event, along with other LOS mem­bers. The protest will purportedly focus on the claim that “immigration is destroying our Southern culture.”